The Donnies The Amys

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Gaining a reputation as a ‘TV soundtrack’ band, Los Angeles based duo The Donnies The Amys continue their tradition of releasing singles after appearing on the soundtracks of popular shows. The new single is ‘You Are Here’, a bouncy indie pop track, which was recently featured on the CBS drama ‘Extant’. They have also had music on Grey’s Anatomy, Suits, Reign, One Tree Hill, and Teen Mom, among others. “We couldn’t be happier,” says singer and keyboardist Donnie Stemp, “that people are developing a connection to our songs through their favorite shows. We always thought our music was kind of cinematic.”

The Donnies The Amys released their self-titled full length in 2012. In the beginning of 2014 they released an EP, ’Stay the Same’, which will be bookended by a second EP to be released at the end of this year.


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Brighton’s bentcousin follow up this summers’Dizzy, with new singleThe Last One, which sees younger twin Pat take the lead vocal in a melancholy tale about office life. Described by the band as ‘Like The Office, without the funny bits’,the single will ring true to many as the office Christmas season fast approaches. The song also provides a sobering account of trite sentiment and Facebook.

Bentcousin is twin siblings, Amelia and Pat Innit, who were magically born a decade apart – Amelia just before midnight on December, 31st, 1989, Pat just after on January 1st, 1990. They formed in the summer of 2011 after sharing a dream (it’s a twin thing) in which David Bowie told them they were destined to make music together.

Dilly Dally

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Dilly Dally began as a teenage dream shared by Katie Monks and Liz Ball. Obsessed with slurred poetry, epic ballads, and grungy guitars, they’ve been writing music together since 2009. The band itself, however, has taken much longer to become what it is today.

Members have come and gone, but just recently the two best friends welcomed new drummer, Benjamin Reinhartz (Beliefs), and bassist, Jimmy Billy Rowlinson (Mexican Slang), into the project.  This new found collaborative energy has ignited their live show, drawing attention from Toronto’s renowned noise/punk scene. Pretty weird considering Monks’ fierce loyalty to a classic pop song structure.

Last spring, Dilly Dally self-released their first single, entitled ‘Next Gold.’ The song has since received praise from Pitchfork, NME, and Brooklyn Vegan. It came from a collection of material the band recorded with producers Leon Taheny (Owen Pallett, Austra, Dusted) and Josh Korody (Fucked Up, Beliefs, Greys) at Candle Studios in 2013. Dilly Dally plans on releasing much of this in the near future.

The band is now deep into creating their first full length. The teenage dream has never died, though it has grown heavier, louder…and seems as though its screeching to escape into the real world.

The Inkhearts

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The Inkhearts are due to release two tracks ‘Temper Temper’ and ‘Uptight’ by digital download on November 17th 2014.

The Inkhearts formed in 2010 when the members, then young teenagers, were introduced to each other at a music tuition initiative at The Engine Rooms, Skelmersdale.  Originally a seven piece, it was only when three original members left that the band found their sound and started to write and gig more seriously.

With three members aged just eighteen and one aged nineteen, The Inkhearts’ music screams enthusiasm and teenage energy yet its underlined by a songwriting prowess that transcends their youth.  Citing influences like The Vaccines, Two Door Cinema Club and The Libertines, the band are well versed in the art of mainstream indie pop but their intricately layered tracks have got an individualism that sets their sound apart, giving them an identity all of their own.

Their last single ‘Keeping Up’, described by Amazing Radio’s Jim Gellatly as a ‘cracking track’, was produced by The Farm’s Carl Hunter and Gary Westhead at Parr Street Studios, Liverpool. The single recieved widespread airplay across the UK, Europe and America, it was chosen as Janice Long’s BBC Radio 2 ‘Janice Loves’ track and was selected by Artrocker for inclusion in their New Blood feature.

Win and Woo

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Win and Woo have a new remix for us today. I’m digging their sort of chill but fun house sound in the song.  I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on these guys moving forward.  They will also be doing a few shows in the next few weeks.  Hopefully you’ll be able to check them out.

Oct 11th – Iowa (homecoming tailgate and summit)

Oct 17th – Mizzou (Roxys)

Oct 25th – Detorit (Sabrage)

Oct 31st – University of Houston

Nov 2nd – BAM Halloween (Chicago)

Nov 10th – Ohio

Nov 14 – Depauw (Indiana)

Eternal Husbands

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Eternal Husbands are Matt Leddy and Rick Reid. They have been playing music together for a dozen years or so, nearly half their lives. Montreal duo Rick and Matt (former City Streets frontman and bassist, respectively) are back with their new project, Eternal Husbands.

Since the honeymoon one year ago, the Husbands have released two records and toured Western/Eastern Canada. Their debut Plaza St Hubert consists of 5 tracks, including 2 Guided by Voices covers, recorded in their studio Franktown.

Their self-titled “EP” packages eight songs and clocks in at about half an hour—a full album in some people’s books. The album was recorded once again in Franktown, mastered by Jesse Gander (Japandroids, Black Mountain), and the artwork provided by Broken Social Scene’s Charles Spearin. Both records were released on their record label Clamour Records.

The Husbands will be recording a full length record with Jesse Gander in spring 2014 combined with a Canadian tour in the spring/summer and a European tour in late 2014.

A new beginning. Fuzzy warm. Fogpop. Recorded in the din and half light. Keep cool but care.


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In 2010 Rökkurró released the studio album Í Annan Heim (produced by Alex Somers of Jónsi fame) to an unexpected wave of critical acclaim – not just within their native Iceland but internationally. The album spent
a staggering 100 weeks in the Icelandic chart’s Top 30, while international media such as NME, Clash, The Line of Best Fit, CMU Daily and KEXP Radio championed the band. Three years on, Rökkurró returned to the studio with two new members Helga (piano) and Skúli (bass) to record their follow-up second album which is set for release in late 2014.

In October 2013, Rökkurró released a teaser from the new album in the form of English-speaking album track Killing Time, a three-minute, stripped-down piece of music that talks about “a person who feels young, but their body is failing them and how getting old is a misleading thing,” said Rökkurró vocalist Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir. “Our new sound has a few obvious changes. We have added more electronic elements. I have taken a break from the cello and have replaced it with a synthesiser.” This time around, production was done by renowned multi-instrumentalist and producer Helgi Hrafn Jónsson. “His ideas are fresh and we liked the fact that he chooses the artists he works with very carefully. We found out very soon that we shared a common vision for this project and that is really important.” – Stefánsdóttir.

Rökkurró self-release their new album in late 2014, on CD, Vinyl and Digitally. The album release was preceded by the debut single The Backbone (released on 11 August 2014) and Blue Skies single (released 15 September 2014).

“Blue Skies is one of the first tracks we wrote for the new album. It came quite easily to us at the start but it was somehow way more of a pop song than any of the songs we’d written before. But in the studio the band had a disagreement about some elements in the song and we couldn’t really agree on anything. This song kind of turned into a ticking bomb, whenever somebody mentioned… But after some months we noticed how much we missed it. So we decided to rearrange it and make some drastic changes to be able to make it fit with the other tracks on the album,” explains Rökkurró vocalist Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir.

“The lyrics talk about fulfilling your dreams and the fact that these dreams can die, if you don’t nurture them. I was having a bad day and had this feeling of when things are slipping out of your hands. I noticed that the dress I was wearing had a blue skies pattern on it and it straight away inspired me to write this line: “Blue skies, all your dreams are dying, blue skies, come and bring them back to life.” It was an instant
reminder of how you sometimes just need to snap out of it and remember that blue skies are always there,” continues Stefánsdóttir. “We have performed the track a couple of times live and it was amazing to feel the energy in the venue completely changing. Many people came afterwards and talked to us about this song. I feel people can relate
very much to it.”

Rökkurró self-release their new album in late 2014, on CD, Vinyl and Digitally. The album release was preceded by the debut single The Backbone (released on 11 August 2014) and Blue Skies single (released 15 September 2014).

Rökkurró are playing Iceland Airwaves in November 2014, with more dates to be announced.

Andrew Cousins

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Andy C is a born entertainer with an energy that is infectious. His ability to express real life experiences through his music leaves listeners captivated and inspired.

His sound is earthy and honest. Audiences are instantly connected to his lyrics as he tells stories of growing up, family and love.

Andy’s father Neville introduced him to the acoustic guitar at a young age, however it wasn’t until he reached his teens that his passion for this instrument consumed him. Music was an outlet which allowed Andy to express his emotions and transform a stranger into a friend.

Over the past two years Andy has made it a life goal to share his music with everyone and anyone. He has travelled the world bearing his sounds on his sleeve and playing his music to a variety of audiences from all over the globe.

Andy has achieved amazing things with his music, including winning the 2MC Radio Songwriters contest which saw him perform at Johnny Diesel’s highly renowned “Lizotte’s” live music venue.

Recently Andy won the Gold Coast Global Battle of the Bands with his band “Andy C and the Moments”. They will be competing at the regional finals in November in Brisbane.

Andy is very excited to be working with Sean Carey (Thirsty Merc) on his second EP. Stay tuned for Andy’s EP which will be released towards the end of the year.

“Excuse Me Mister” by ANDREW COUSINS will be released 13th October 2014

Music For The Club Kids

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I haven’t been posting much in the line of EDM lately. Since it’s been so long hopefully this will help you out with a few songs I’ve noticed lately in that genre.

Jonas Schwartz

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I first fell in love with Jonas Schwartz back in 2012 with his debut album “Six”.  He’s back again and is about to put out another album.  Before he does, he’s putting out the single, What If I Leave.  We can expect the album to be out this fall.

 Jonas Schwartz gave up his destrutive party life in Gothenburg, on the west coast of Sweden, and moved to the royal capital of Stockholm, got himself a dog, a girlfriend and an apartment. In Gothenburg Schwartz was employeed as a construction worker, famous for accidentally trashing water pipes, having his lungsfilled with dust. Everyday after work was a new party. Finally he just had enough and got out of there!
Jonas – “I wanted the colours.  All of them.  I needed to get away from Gothenburg – from trashy rehearsal space and flourescent lights.  I think its safe to say that Gothenburg started to give me less flattering personality issues.  I ate pizza three days a week and just spent my time watching horror movies.”