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Jaquline Ronneklew

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Jaquline Ronneklew living in Stockholm, but hailing from the deep dark woods of Norrland, up in the north of Sweden, has been singing since early childhood and has always had a deep love for words. She started writing her own songs at the same time she picked up her guitar – at 22 – and by […]

The Arctic Flow

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I’ve been a fan of low key bedroom indie pop for a long time now.  I realized a long time ago that having a major label backing you doesn’t mean that those bands are putting out better music.  In fact, I started to realize that the opposite was true more often than not.  They were […]

A Beautiful Friend

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A Beautiful Friend, aka Swede Pelle Ekerstam, has had a great fall with the release of critically acclaimed full length album “Novella”. From that album we get the new single “Left/Right”, a song with one foot in today’s pop scene and one foot in the glamorous polished pop of the eighties. A tune sprawling with […]

Withered Hand

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Slumberland Records (US/Canada) and Fortuna POP! (UK/Europe) are proud to announce the new album by the Edinburgh based folk-rock troubadour Dan Willson who records as WITHERED HAND. New Gods is his stunning second album, which follows his critically acclaimed debut Good News, and is scheduled for release next March and was part-funded by Creative Scotland. […]

Math and Physics Club

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‘Our Hearts Beat Out Loud’ is the third studio album from our favorite North American pop stars Math and Physics Club, and their first since 2010′s sparkling ‘I Shouldn’t Look As Good As I Do’ LP. The new ten song collection is the band’s most dynamic to date, confidently expanding their palette of subtle, literate pop and sprinkling it […]


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Swedish indie hype Kinetics released their debut album in 2012 is getting back on track with 4 new singles that will lead up to a 4-track vinyl EP in spring 2014. All tracks recorded in the bands home town Växjö, that previously spawned success acts like The Ark. When it comes to sound and lyrics […]


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Melbourne-based indie dream-pop five-piece Snakadaktal have the second single from the band’s #9 ARIA charting debut LP Sleep in the Water. “Fall Underneath” woos with a playful synth and simple hand clap wound around whimsical lyrics and percussive guitars. It’s a sonic kaleidoscope of endlessly shifting sound that is eclectic and breathtaking in its aspirations. The film clip, […]

Invisible Twin

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The Detroit dream pop duo known as Invisible Twin is pleased to announce the premiere of their first single, “Trouble”, released in digital format today. The track will appear on their forthcoming album “Theory of Trust” (release date to be announced).  The music for the single was written and produced by both band members, Rose […]

The Fireworks

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  Shelflife presents the second 7″ release from The Fireworks with “Runaround” b/w “With My Heart” and “Asleep” coming November 26th. Limited to 300 copies, the first 100 will be available on transparent red vinyl, exclusively on   The Fireworks have been busy since their debut EP in March. They have enlisted Shaun Charman […]

The Sweet Serenades

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Swedish power duo The Sweet Serenades gives you a brand new single fully loaded with their significant hey-let’s-go-sound. “Take it all” is packed with tons of shoutbacks, pumping tom grooves and a dead simple barytone guitar (a five-year-old can play it. A one-year-old can sing it) The Sweet Serenades was founded by childhood friends Martin […]