Slumberland Records Update

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Slumberland Records has a few 7″ being released and here’s a quick breakdown of them.  The first up is the one from Roommates.  It’s a short release with 4 songs jammed packed in there.  You start rocking out to their punk songs.  Then before you know it, the 7″ is over and you find yourself pushing play again.

Roommates – Back to the Sun/Girlfriend Swap by Slumberland Records



Allo  Darlin’ has a second album coming out entitled “Europe”.  Capricornia is the first single off that album.  It’s a jangle pop gem; a refreshing way to relax a little after listening to the Roommates 7″ a few times.  I don’t think I’m the only way anxious to get their hands on their second album.  It should be quite a piece.

Allo Darlin’ – Capricornia by Slumberland Records


The last release I’ll be going over today is Telling Lies from Evans The Death.  I think I’m the most excited about this release and their upcoming album.  It’s probably because they have the most original and new sound, to me.  I’m anxious to hear what their album will have the lyrical inspirations from Morrissey and Jarvis Cocker, like the press page says.

Evans The Death – Telling Lies by Slumberland Records


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